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When we mentioned "Not Included" we mean "Not included in the price". We give many of these travel services in order to make your trip comfortable and hassle-free. We will also help you in calculating the total cost of your chosen trip and stand by you giving a full service treatment while you travel in Argentina. That means no unwanted surprises and no hidden costs.

International Flights. We do not include them because we understand that you will find better prices shopping around on the Internet or with your local travel agent. We know that you will be able to find excellent deals. Just watch carefully for the arrival and departure airports and dates. Arrival of international flights in Argentina are done through the Ezeiza International Airport Ministro Pistarini (code EZE).

What we strongly recommend is arriving at least one day in advance to Buenos Aires - Ezeiza Airport, spending that day and night visiting Buenos Aires, relaxing especially if you have a long flight, and leaving to Patagonia (El Calafate Airport, code FTE) the next morning. Flights start departing since 6 AM from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport (code AEP). For example, the Full Patagonia Adventure (PAT) begins on a Saturday, so you will be arriving to Buenos Aires at least on Friday morning/noon, and you will have all day and night to be seduced by the charm of this cosmopolitan city full of culture and attractions. At the end of your trekking trip when you come back from Ushuaia is Saturday, so you spend that night in Buenos Aires and go back home on Sunday, usually flights depart from EZE late afternoon/evening.

Domestic Flights. Here you have 2 options. First check to buy in your country a "visit Argentina" type ticket. This ticket is provided for example by Aerolineas Argentinas and is sold when you buy the international ticket (check as this promotion may be available at certain moments only). This ticket is not being sold in Argentina.

The cost of this ticket is approximately 200/400 u$d for each stop, depending on the fare available when reserving. Departures are from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP) in Buenos Aires. You will need 2 legs for the Full Patagonia Adventure (PAT): from Buenos Aires to El Calafate Airport (FTE) and from Ushuaia Airport (USH) back to Buenos Aires. If you want to do Peninsula de Valdes Extension (XPV) you will go first to Trelew Airport (REL) close to Puerto Madryn. And if you want to begin with the Route 40 trip (PAC, FMC & MRC) you will fly to Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD). For the other trips just look at the detailed description and see which Airports are mentioned.

The second option is to buy this ticket from us. We will get you the cheaper ticket AEP-FTE & USH-AEP (2 legs) available and charge you 15 u$d/leg-person. The final price will depend on the fare, as cheaper fares go out first. NOTE: If you arrive to Argentina (EZE) with an Aerolineas Argentinas flight you may be able to apply for a lower fare on the domestic flights with Aerolineas Argentinas.

Here are the links to websites of the companies that have domestic flights to Patagonia so you can check prices or make reservations:

- Aerolíneas Argentinas
- LADE (local airline, cheaper but with more stops and fewer flights)

When getting the domestic tickets, if you need we will help you making the flight reservations that will depend on the schedule of the air company at that moment. For example the Full Patagonia Adventure Trip (PAT) has these flights (the time range is the approximate for departures):

#1 -> Buenos Aires (Aeroparque, AEP) - El Calafate (Lago Argentino, FTE):
................ Saturday morning, departure between 6 AM and 4 PM

#2 -> Ushuaia (USH) - Buenos Aires (Aeroparque, AEP):
................ Saturday, departure between 10 AM and 8 PM

Transfers Ezeiza - Buenos Aires - Aeroparque. We do not include it in the price but we can give you this service:

Private car, up to 3 passengers
50 u$d (Ezeiza-Hotel in Buenos Aires)
42 u$d (Hotel in Buenos Aires-Ezeiza)
20 u$d (Hotel in Buenos Aires-Aeroparque)
28 u$d (Aeroparque-Hotel in Buenos Aires)
60 u$d (Ezeiza-Aeroparque or Aeroparque-Ezeiza)

Private Van, 4 to 10 passengers
-please ask- u$d (Ezeiza-Hotel in Buenos Aires)
-please ask- u$d (Hotel in Buenos Aires-Ezeiza)
-please ask- u$d (Hotel in Buenos Aires-Aeroparque)
-please ask- u$d (Aeroparque-Hotel in Buenos Aires)
-please ask- u$d (Ezeiza-Aeroparque or Aeroparque-Ezeiza)

Nights in Buenos Aires. We do not include them in the price because it depends on how many nights you want to stay in Buenos Aires, before and after the Adventure Trip of your choice. We recommend staying at Buenos Aires for at least two nights: one before and one after the trip. We can offer you good lodges in BUE. Please consult us for hotels, B&B or hostels.

Entrance to National Parks. We do not include them in the price and the cost is approximate 5 to 15 u$d each.

Visa. You should find out if you need a Visa on your passport, depending on the country that issued your passport and if you are taking the Torres del Paine Trek to Chile, the Iguazu Falls trip that goes to Brazil or only taking the other trips in Argentina. Depending your case please consult at the embassies of Argentina, Chile and Brazil in your country as regulations may change.

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